Rental by Lentune allows you to rent out your fixed assets to internal projects or external customers at your own billable rates.
Stop effectively renting out your assets for free and start turning your yard into a profitable business. 

Rental by Lentune not only allows you to easily track where items are, it allows your team to easily see an items availability and pricing, making the booking themselves. 

Not only does this stop staff re-buying expensive equipment that you already have, it allows you to get a return on the assets you already own. In turn, this ultimately creates a fairer, level playing field for your team when it comes to costing out equipment used on a project.  

Your team will love the instant visibility they get of what's available in the yard and what is currently on their site. Additionally your yard and accounting team will save time and money when it comes to tracking missing items and invoicing out costs.


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Key benefits of the Rental Software

Pricing Flexibility

Create your own pricing structure with daily, weekly and monthly charge out rates.

Centralise Documentation

Store supporting documentation online and link it to specific items. This way anyone booking an item can access it. For example, User Manuals, Health and Safety Docs or Maintenance Sheets.

Smart Itemisation

With the flexibility to create individual items, item groups (like road cones) or even item kits (like scaffolding). You can manage the yard the way that works for your business.

Controlled Access

Control who can make bookings and what projects they can book items for. All bookings are also traceable back to the users.

"Lentune have freed up our administration resources to do other things for the company."

- David, LT McGuinness

Let’s get started

Lentune supplies extensive early support and training to help you start your business improvement process quickly.

We advise you on how to configure the system to achieve maximum benefit for your unique business with the smooth implementation of the new system.

Our onboarding service includes:

  • Planning
  • Setting initial configuration
  • Staff training
  • Accounting system and bank integration
  • Continued support

Talk to us about how Rental by Lentune could help make your business more efficient.


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Key Clients

Advance Electrical
Armstrong Downes
Asset Finance
LT McGuinness
McKee Fehl
Scott Electrical Ltd
The Wellington Company