Purchase by Lentune is a fully mobile Purchase Order system that lets you take back control of who's spending what in your business. 

Automating the accounts payable side of your business is a great business decision, but if you’re not controlling who is ordering what and how much they’re paying for it then all you’re doing is becoming more efficient at getting your money out the door.  


Interested? Talk to our team to find out how Purchase by Lentune could benefit your business.

Key benefits

Mobile App

With Lentune's mobile app, users can generate accurate and meaningful POs out in the field.


Every PO number generated is tracked, with no ability to delete these records. This way you'll always know who ordered what and when. No dispute.

Upload Supplier Price File

Upload your supplier price files so your team can search and order the correct items at the agreed prices.

AP Invoice Mapping

PO details are mapped back to Lentune's APA solution, streamlining your AP workflow.

Customisable Permissions

Control who can raise orders and for which job or department. At the click of a button you can revoke anyone's permission.

Optional PO Approval Workflow

Implement your own PO approval workflow. Control who can send out orders and, for those who don’t have permission, control who’s in charge of approving them.

PO Supporting Documents

Ensure your team are being sent the correct items by adding supporting documents to your orders. Users can add quotes, item specifications or even photos directly from the mobile app.

Fully Integrated

The Purchase module runs on the same database as all Lentune’s other modules, meaning it is fully integrated with those modules.

Let’s get started

Lentune supplies extensive early support and training to help you start your business improvement process quickly.

We advise you on how to configure the system to achieve maximum benefit for your unique business with the smooth implementation of the new system.

Our onboarding service includes:

  • Planning
  • Configuration of the system
  • Staff training
  • Continued support

Talk to us about how Purchase by Lentune could help make your business more efficient.

Key Clients

Advance Electrical
Armstrong Downes
Asset Finance
Cooks Brothers
LT McGuinness
McKee Fehl
Scott Electrical Ltd
The Wellington Company