National Pricing File

An online price file, containing product information and pricing for all the major electrical suppliers in New Zealand. NPF is then used by electrical wholesalers across the country, as a bench mark price guide for all their stocked and on order products.

Every wholesaler that belongs to the Powerbase group and Active Electrical, use this file as their primary source of pricing. Put it simply, they use this price file to sell all their stock and if you’re not on NPF, they won’t sell your products.


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Key benefits of the NPF software

One access point

For multiple wholesales. You provide us with a single excel document with all your products and prices, and we’ll make sure all the wholesalers can see it.

Instant visibility

New products will be uploaded to NPF as soon as you send them in. This means that wholesalers get access to new products immediately, reducing any lag in the process.

Simple and easy to use

We give you a formatted excel document to help guide the information you are providing. Simply copy and paste in your product information and send it back to us.

It’s 100% FREE!

Because we want you and your products to be found, we have made NPF 100% free for suppliers. We also offer 9am to 5pm phone support to answer your questions as soon as you have them, helping you get on track quickly.

Let’s get started

Lentune supplies extensive early support and training to help you start your business improvement process quickly.

We advise you on how to configure the system to achieve maximum benefit for your unique business and ensure a smooth implementation of the new system.

Our onboarding service includes:

  • Planning
  • Converting historical data
  • Setting initial configuration
  • Staff training
  • Customer, supplier and bank integration
  • Continuity and provability of accounting information

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                                  Key Clients

Advance Electrical
Armstrong Downes
Asset Finance
LT McGuinness
McKee Fehl
Scott Electrical Ltd
The Wellington Company