Expense Claim Automation Software

Expense by Lentune takes the headache out of expense claims. Capture receipts directly from your mobile phone as they happen, or whenever is convenient. Our expense solution is not just an administrators' dream, but for anyone that submits a claim each month, it's their best friend.

By breaking the expense claim process down into key stages, Lentune has been able to streamline the whole process and generate significant time savings for your business. Combine this with the ability to add key compliance controls and Expense by Lentune will ultimately reduce costs within your business whilst providing a solution your staff will love using.


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Key benefits of the Expense Claim software

Mobile App

Use the Lentune mobile app to capture and submit receipts on the go.

Paperless Workflow

Say goodbye to paper receipts. All documents will be electronically stored.

No Double Entry

Eliminate re-keying data by using the information your team submits with their expense claims. Input once, check and process!

Credit Card Integration

Simply upload your bank statements directly from the bank and let Lentune do all the work.

Flexible Approvals

With Lentune's flexible approval hierarchy, you can create your own approval matrix.

Administrator Flexibility

Providing administrators the necessary flexibility to check and change incorrectly coded expenses before they get processed.

Multiple Channels Capture

Receipts can be captured via the mobile app, browser application or directly from your email.

Reimbursable Claims

We make processing reimbursable claims simple. Capture, Approve, Process and Pay.


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We stand apart from our competitors by our willingness to understanding our customer first. We also offer extensive early support and training to help work smarter.

We will advise you on how to configure the system to achieve maximum benefit for your business. Our on boarding service includes:

  • Implementation planning
  • Converting data
  • Configuration your workflow
  • Staff training
  • 3rd party integration
  • Continued support and training on our regular new features and enhancement


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