Accounts Payable Automation (APA) 

We can help you free up half of your administration teams time by simply eliminating paper invoice and their data entry from your business.

Manual data entry is the absolute thief of time for a business. Combine this with chasing and keeping track of paper and the ever looming end of month and it usually results in administration teams struggling for time. 

We understand the struggle and with today’s technology it's an unnecessary. 


Accounts payable automation
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Key benefits of the AP automation software

Quantifiable time savings

On average our APA customers generate a labour saving in their AP department of between 45-75%.

Go paperless

Invoices are electronically stored in the cloud and flow through the software as view-able PDFs. Users can easily search and access documents whenever they need; an auditor's dream.

One-click reconciliation

Invoices for Stock controlled items can be automatically approve by matching them to Purchase Order in your ERP system. You’ll be able to approve hundreds of invoices in seconds.

Process Visibility

Our controlled approval process tracks every stage of an invoices approval. Visibility, accountability and traceability are now at your finger tips.



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Don’t be that business that continues to wasting money paying for your team to do tasks that can be automated by smarter software. Eliminate these unnecessary costly and finally get you team doing the tasks that add real value to your business.



Let’s get started

We stand apart from our competitors by our willingness to understanding our customer first. We also offer extensive early support and training to help work smarter.

We will advise you on how to configure the system to achieve maximum benefit for your business. Our on boarding service includes:

  • Implementation planning
  • Converting historical data
  • Configuration your approval workflow
  • Staff training
  • 3rd party integration
  • Continued support and training on our regular new features and enhancement


Talk to us about how Lentune APA could help make your business more efficient.

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“Lentune are very proactive and responsive, and you are talking to someone who listens to what the business needs are. They’ve got a good understanding and listen to what you want and where you want to go to.”

– Sylvia, Apollo Projects

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Key Clients

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Armstrong Downes
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LT McGuinness
McKee Fehl
Scott Electrical Ltd
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