Lentune Analytics

Empower your business with a visual understanding of your data


Watch our CEO, Jono Bonifant, give an overview of Lentune Analytics.


Analytics is a dynamic, visual tool to help you make better business decisions

We can make much more sense of information when it's presented to us visually. Lentune Analytics takes the data that is already in your Lentune system, and gives you next-level visibility of it. You'll be able to see visual snapshots of your procurement data, and interact with that data to break it down by variables. 


Done for you

Lentune Analytics is ready when you are. There's no setup involved - we've already created the templates and connected your data. Your information is ready to explore.

New insights

Analytics brings information to the surface. When your data is presented visually, you can easily spot trends, outliers and patterns that were previously hidden.

Smart decisions

Empower your team with current information. Your visualisations are always available, empowering your team to make data-driven decisions at any time.

Access control

As with all Lentune modules, you can control who has access to Analytics on a user basis. Set permissions for users in your team using security roles.

Powered by Microsoft

We utilise Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) to bring you visual reporting. With Lentune Analytics, we've saved you the per-user license fee and lengthy setup.

Custom reporting

We've pre-built a range of reports to analyse your procurement data. If you require additional insights, we can build reports that are specific to your business.

For a limited time, we're offering existing Lentune customers a one month free trial of Analytics

Contact us to arrange your free trial. 

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Not a Lentune customer yet?

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