Accredo + Lentune

Say goodbye to labour-intensive accounts payable processes. With Lentune's Accredo integration, users can import over 100 invoices from Lentune to Accredo in a matter of minutes.

Accredo Lentune Integration

Remove the pain of accounts payable

We'll work closely with your Accredo partner to ensure you have a smooth onboarding process.

Save time

Eliminate manual processing and data entry - saving up to 80% of your workload. Lentune ensures accuracy, while Accredo remains your single source of truth.

Streamline workflows

Stop chasing paper and emails. Lentune sends invoices through an approval hierarchy, getting them into Accredo for payment quicker than ever before.

Gain control

Lentune gives you visibility over accounts payable. Instantly see all invoices awaiting approval, and communicate directly with approvers to get invoices paid on time.

Case Study

Taking back control

Accredo customer, Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa, were frustrated by their manual workflow for processing invoices.

Their priority was finding a solution that would play nicely with Accredo, so they asked Accredo for a recommendation.

Watch the video to see how the team have transformed their AP invoicing process with the help of Lentune.

Hanmer Springs Master V003

“Having that control... knowing how many invoices are out in the system that need to be approved and coded. It's brought back huge control into my role.”

Nadine Cuff
Office Administrator
Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa

“Accredo makes everything easy, it works so well. And Lentune coming into that was just a good natural fit. We're unlikely to work with any other pairing of office automation and Accredo.”

Neal Irwin
Accredo Partner (AFI Systems)
Lentune and Accredo

How it works

1. Read invoices

Lentune pulls supplier invoices from your inbox, and pushes key data into the cloud.

2. Verify

If enabled, invoices are matched to POs and delivery notes, and checked against agreed pricing.

3. Automate workflow

Invoices are coded, then delegated to the appropriate team member(s) for approval.

4. Approve and pay

As soon as invoice details are approved, data is ready to be sent to Accredo for payment.

About Accredo

Accredo is proven accounting and business management software, purpose-designed for growing New Zealand SME companies. From general ledger through to job costing, Accredo accounting software has everything local companies need and can be tailored to suit the way you operate.

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