Want to make better business decisions?

October 2020

Time spent processing invoices manually impacts your organisation. Having less visibility and influence over business costs can reduce your ability to work within your set budgets. We can help by providing faster access to your financial ...

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Remote Working: Mitigating the Risks

March 2020

I imagine your thought processes have been very much like ours over the last few weeks. You’ve probably worked out which team members could work remotely without too much disruption.

Maybe you’ve discussed with your team who can work easily from ...

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Get faster access to financial information that matters

December 2019

Time spent processing invoices manually impacts your organisation. You’ll have less visibility and influence over project costs, reducing your ability to complete projects within budget.

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Move Forward Faster

December 2019

Are you relying heavily on manual data entry with a high paper invoice volume? Perhaps you have no visibility of project costs until it’s too late? Are you wanting to consistently deliver projects on time and within budget?

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Taking the headache out of expense claims with automation software

March 2019

Lentune’s new automation software slashes time wasted on expense claims while improving accuracy of data.

Staff expense claims can be a burden for many businesses – time-consuming and tedious to manage, without providing the business with enough ...

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Streamlining the expense claims process

January 2019

With the implementation of expense claims automation software, Apollo’s accounting team is no longer chasing paper around the office.

Apollo Projects is a nationwide Design and Build company with specialist knowledge and experience across ...

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An asset management system that turns cost into profit

November 2018

Lentune have developed a way for construction companies to profit from their assets, large and small.

Construction companies – or any business dependent on fixed assets to help run their business – often find staff becoming frustrated because a ...

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An asset management system that generates revenue

November 2018

Award winning construction company LT McGuinness take smart approach to managing fixed assets

  • Better control and visibility over assets
  • A new revenue stream from charging for equipment use
  • Asset management that meets business needs

“Plant hire ...

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Great efficiencies from the only solution for a distributed workforce

October 2018
  • Respected construction company operating across multiple sites
  • Wanted to jump from paper process to online automation with Lentune
  • Go from six-week AP turnaround to three-five days
  • "When you've got a distributed workforce, it's the only solution ...
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