Massive efficiency gains from the only solution for a distributed workforce

October 2018
  • Respected construction company operating across multiple sites
  • Wanted to jump from paper process to online automation with Lentune
  • Go from six-week AP turnaround to three-five days
  • "When you've got a distributed workforce, it's the only solution ...
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Automating key financial processes delivers big efficiency gains for Cook Brothers Construction

August 2018

Lentune in tune with Cook Brother's procurement needs

With offices throughout New Zealand,Cook Brothers Constructionis a nationwide business that has completed projects across the country. They offer construction management, construction ...

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Does high growth mean exploding admin costs?

July 2018

If you are in the construction sector, the biggest problem you may have faced in recent times is coping with growth. For Kiwi business owners one of the greatest frustrations with rapid expansion can be the accompanying rise in costs, ...

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