From Order to Cash Book to General Ledger
manage every transaction with confidence
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Lentune Trade Tools for Electricians is an easy-to-use online solution for customer quoting, estimating and invoicing. Trade Tools integrates seamlessly with the your accounting platform and provides up-to-date pricing for over 500,000 electrical products
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Real time
The Lentune National Price File is a platform for Electrical Suppliers and Distributors to publish and manage their product pricing throughout the New Zealand electrical supply network
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Lentune Enterprise Management System for Electrical Wholesalers is a comprehensive operational system complemented by an accounting and finance system giving you access to General Ledger Trial Balance at any time.
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Integrated software solutions for the electrical tradesPowerful tools that help you save time and be more efficient

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Lentune Trade Tools

Online quoting solution using up to date prices from your Wholesaler read more

  • Powerful

    Lentune's powerful software solutions work to make the electrical trades more efficient and productive

  • Innovative

    Leverage the latest in cloud computing technology that puts YOU in control

  • Integrated

    Integrated solutions providing seamless collaboration between suppliers, wholesalers and electricians

  • Reliable

    Lentune EMS is used by over 20 of New Zealand's leading Electrical Wholesalers to run their chains of stores. The system is proven, reliable and robust

  • Supported

    We are fully committed to providing our customers with hands-on technical support from our team of dedicated specialists